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Archive of selected work


2nd Unit DOP 

'The Imitation Game'

2nd Unit DOP

'Edge of Tomorrow'


'War Horse'


'THOR - The Dark World'

Additional DOP / VFX DOP

'Jack the Giant Slayer' (3D)

VFX / Splinter DOP


'Young Adam'

2nd Unit DOP




DOP showreel

2nd Unit Director / 2nd Unit DOP showreel

A selection of my recent 2nd Unit work. 'The Imitation Game' (2nd Unit DOP) A complete 2nd Unit scene, incorporating VFX elements & live action with lead cast. 'FURY' (2nd Unit DOP) The Tiger scene was the most challenging of the many battle scenes and set pieces I shot on this film and this scene has over 70 2nd Unit shots in it - including work with lead cast and doubles. 'A United Kingdom' (2nd Unit Director / DOP) 2 scenes from the film. 1. An example of how the 2nd Unit can 'top & tail' a scene with landscapes (including aerial work) and 2. A scene involving both real crowd extras (1900!) and VFX crowd replication. 'War & Peace' (2nd Unit Director / DOP) My work on this show included lots of battle planning and battles using over 30 stunt performers, 50 action extras, horses, aerial work, SFX / VFX etc. 'Swallows and Amazons' (2nd Unit Director / DOP) An example of 2nd Unit work on a low budget feature - incl. marine work with stunt doubles and aerial work with a practical sea plane.

Coming soon - THE BAYOU

Scene 19 Shot 4 (1).jpg
Scene 51 Shot 1 (1).jpg
Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 09.58.04.png
Scene 61 - 67 Shot 10 (4).jpg
Scene 25 Shot 1C (2).jpg

DOP on the Cowboy Cosmonaut / Creativity Capital / Tea Shop / Architect movie THE BAYOU - currently in post-production

Now showing - DAMSEL

Screenshot 2024-01-14 at 11.04.39.png

2nd Unit Director / 2nd Unit DOP on the Netflix movie DAMSEL - tap on the image to see the trailer

Recent work out now - AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM

Screenshot 2024-01-14 at 15.00.35.png

VFX DOP on Warner Bros. AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM - tap on the poster to see the trailer

Recent TV work - IN FROM THE COLD


2nd Unit Director / 2nd Unit DOP on Netflix / Fresco Films IN FROM THE COLD - tap on the image to see the season trailer

Recent TV work - TIN STAR 3


DOP on Ep.5 of season 3 of SKY Atlantic's TIN STAR - tap on the image to see the  season trailer

Selected movie credits


Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 13.09.36.png

2nd Unit DOP / VFX DOP on Disney's THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN Walt Disney Studios - tap on the poster to see the trailer



2nd Unit DOP / Additional Photography on SF Studios HORIZON LINE - tap on the poster to see the trailer



2nd Unit DOP / VFX DOP on Danny Boyle's YESTERDAY for Universal / Working Title - tap on the poster to see the trailer



Splinter Unit DOP / VFX DOP on Tim Burton's DUMBO for Disney Studios  - tap on play to see the teaser trailer


Additional Photography / VFX DOP / Aerial DOP on ALLIED for Paramount Pictures / GK Films - tap on the poster to see the trailer.



Splinter Unit / VFX Unit DOP on ASSASSINS CREED for Ubisoft / 20th Cenury Fox - tap on the poster to see a trailer


'Swallows and Amazons'

2nd Unit / VFX Unit Director / DOP on A UNITED KINGDOM for Fox Searchlight  - see some of my work on this film in my 2nd Unit reel.


2nd Unit Director / DOP on SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS for Harbour Films / Studiocanal  - see my work on this film in my 2nd Unit reel.

Previous TV work TROY - FALL OF A CITY

2nd Unit Director / DOP on TROY - FALL OF A CITY  (eps.1-3) for BBC / Netflix / KUDOS TV. - tap on the photo to see the trailer


2nd Unit Director / DOP on BRITANNIA for Sky Atlantic / Amazon Studios / Vertigo TV. - tap the play button to see the trailer


2nd Unit Director / DOP on WAR AND PEACE for BBC One / A&E Network / Weinstein Co. - tap on the poster for more info.

VFX Work

THOR - THE DARK WORLD Marvel Studios / Ent. Just prior to release - and to act as a bridge between 'THOR' and 'THOR II', I shot this prologue as part of my role as Additional  DOP / VFX DOP.  Combining live action and VFX elements - incl. some that I shot in Norway prior to principal photography. 

Short Films

BELLY OF THE WOLF - trailer for a short film that I shot recently. Dir.: Mark Fisher


Commercial for XBOX - KINECT SPORTS II - one of the most complex commercials I've ever shot. This is an extended, on-line & in-store promotional version. Dir.: JP Hersey Prod.: Matthew Nelson Prod. Co.: Matte Black Films VFX Co.: Realtime UK VFX Sup.: Ian Jones VFX Prod.: Jane Forsyth


I'm a UK based Director of Photography, 2nd Unit Director / 2nd Unit DOP and VFX DOP. I've been working in the Film & TV industry for nearly 35 years and during this time I've worked on productions of all sizes and budgets; from features with budgets of $200MM and over, to short films costing less than £10K. My work frequently takes me around the world and I've had the privilege of working in amazing places, with some of the industry's most talented people - learning something new from all of them in the process. I've been a full voting member of the British Academy (BAFTA) for over 15 years.

December 2023. I've recently wrapped shooting THE BAYOU in the Philippines, my first movie as Main Unit DP. Earlier in 2023, I was in Prague Directing & DP'ing the Action Unit on season 3 of Apple TV's FOUNDATION and before that I Directed & DP'd additional material for the Netflix movie LIFT in London. In 2022 I shot a Splinter / Action Unit on the latest Fast & Furious instalment - 'FAST X', Directed & DP'd the 2nd Unit on the Netflix movie DAMSEL in the UK and Portugal and I also went to Antarctica, Greenland & Iceland to shoot an aerial VFX Unit for the Warner Bros. movie AQUAMAN 2. In May 2021 I was in Madrid for 4.5 months Directing & DP'ing the 2nd Unit on the Netflix show IN FROM THE COLD. I recently Directed and DP'd the 2nd Unit on Warner Bros. live action movie TOM & JERRY, I also shot a block of TIN STAR 3 in the UK and some additional material for the movie HORIZON LINE - including my first Underwater Unit. In 2018 I shot the 2nd Unit on YESTERDAY in the UK and THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN in the US. In 2017 I  Directed & DP'd the VFX / Splinter Unit on Tim Burton's DUMBO and between February and June of the same year I was in Cape Town, Directing & DP'ing the 2nd Unit on Eps.1-3 of TROY: FALL OF A CITY for Netflix / BBC. In 2016 I Directed & DP'd the 2nd Unit on BRITANNIA in the Czech Republic, prior to that I shot the Splinter Unit on the Robert Zemeckis WWII project ALLIED in the UK, Canary Islands and Morocco. Other recent credits include shooting the VFX / Splinter Unit on ASSASSINS CREED in London, Directing & DP'ing the 2nd Unit on the epic TV Drama WAR & PEACE in Lithuania, Latvia and Russia and performing the same role on the features SWALLOWS AND AMAZONS in the UK and A UNITED KINGDOM in Botswana. Tap on the photo for my full IMDBPro resume.


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